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We are a new company with old skills and knowledge.

Our aim is to put clients in touch with business opportunities, with investors – and with those that seek capital – in markets that may be unfamiliar or distant today.
We bridge those gaps.

Drawing on 30 years of experience in global financial media and events – introducing capital, putting clients in front of banks, governments in front of investors – we have developed an unrivalled ‘rolodex’ and reach.

The scope of our expertise: we reach out to a broad group of industries and strategies for which we can also devise communications plans and programmes for media, international relations – and sales. ChuteCourt can advise and help you gain a better understanding of the opportunities and players in a particular country or region.

As our name suggests, our first specialism and love is Latin America: if you want to talk to banks, to governments, to corporations or to investors there, we can help. Nor does Latin America for us begin and end with the top handful of countries in the region: we know all 19… and the major Anglophone economies of the Caribbean too. Equally, we are at home – drawing as well on our network of partners – in Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe or Asia. Our philosophy is face-to-face and wear-out-the-shoe-leather. Christopher Garnett, the firm’s principal, has conducted high-level meetings in 117 countries and counting.

Given the very personal nature of our business we would love to be able to talk to you in person.

Please reach Christopher Garnett at
+44 7710 306 856

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