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Our Process

Each situation is peculiar, and no plan survives contact with the tropics. Over the course of decades, we’ve learnt relationships and reputations are invaluable assets in turbulent streams of cross-border business. Navigating new waters may be tricky but it’s certainly worth the effort for those that succeed. Importantly, in a connected world, it is ever more vital to have your finger on the pulse of where your business or interests may take you.

Our process is straightforward: we talk to each other and share ideas on how to serve best the needs of the client. It all starts, as with so many things, with a simple conversation.

Christopher Garnett initiates any project and will have confidential conversations with the clients about their needs. Chris may suggest the involvement of one or another of his local partners, given a particular expertise or reach in a country or region. If there are any further actions required – and upon agreeing scope of work – ChuteCourt Asesores will propose terms of engagement.

Pretty simple.

We dare say this because of the deep and trusted relationships that we have built over the decades. This trust allows us to move very rapidly and efficiently to get answers and avoid dilly-dally.